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At BOX Photographic, we have perfected the art of bringing a campaign to life thanks to our absolute gem of a creative space. With a spectacular selection of inspiring props and backgrounds, our fully equipped photography studio is a blank canvas that can be carefully moulded into a set that will make your creative vision come to life.

Simply put, our space can be everything you need it to be and more.

The only studio for your brand



Nestled within a Mill complex, we have access to an infinity cove as one of the many alternative locations we can offer for your shoots. But for a studio space that is brimming with character, rest assured, we can provide the perfect backdrop.



Our photography studio is constantly buzzing with creativity and our facilities reflect this. We provide you with access to state of the art equipment and props to create imagery that sells.



Whether you need a plethora of images for an upcoming campaign or you simply need one standout shot, our expert lighting, initiative and unique ideas is why our clients come back time and time again.

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Whatever your requirements, we will meet them.
We manipulate our space to fulfil your needs.

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